The girls over at Inc. Blot have managed to snag a copy of this classic. Here’s what they found:

Cigarettes and whisky are acceptable during editorial meetings. Cover designers prefer hashish.

Every girl in publishing should own at least one pair of “mint-green lounging pyjamas”.

If only we had husbands who were so supportive of our careers: “There was nothing about her, he thought with a deep flush of pride, that indicated she’d been working.”

If you’re a boy - sorry, man - in publishing, don’t be afraid to turn on the charm. Say your associate editor appears at your cubicle. Why not ask her: “What can I do for you, Diana? Lunch, dinner, a moonlight picnic by the East River when your husband is conveniently not around?”

Age-appropriate dating is important: “Forty-six was hardly an age even the most liberated woman’s handbook would consider ideal to attract a virile thirty-five-year-old man, much less be his wife.”

It’s the little things that keep the romance alive: “He noticed that she was wearing a gold pin he’d given her when they first started screwing.”

In 1974, “cutting and pasting” involved real scissors and actual glue.

Agents ain’t what they used to be: “Foster was a slimy, cigar-smelling, toupee-wearing man who would demand payment in bed for anything he did … He was the best agent in the business.”

Contracts were a lot messier back then too: “… the usual ten percent commission - plus one evening a week screwing until he got bored.”

Beware the notorious PUBLISHING BLACKLIST. Disgrace yourself too badly, girlie, and you’ll never wield a blue pencil in this town again.

If you sleep with your boss and he dumps you, wearing a “tight lace bodysuit” to work is a sure way to regain his professional respect: “She wasn’t wearing a bra either, he noticed.”

The girls in publishing have a LOT of sex. But only with colleagues, agents, authors, failed authors and, at a stretch, copyright lawyers. No one outside the industry, ladies: publishing is a closed shop.

We have to go now, we’re late for our appointment to drink whisky, smoke some cigarettes, and have a lot of sex …

(and thanks to orbooks for pointing this site out)